Howard Loxton "History of the Garden"

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Autor: Howard Loxton
Pealkiri: History of the garden, its evolution and design.
Kirjastus: David Bateman Ltd
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Väljaandmise aeg: 2000
Formaat: 304 lk., suur formaat, kõva köide
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Through the ages, gardens have satisfied a range of needs, from growing food to demonstrating great wealth or providing an escape from the pressures of everyday life. For modern gardeners, the challenge of taking a patch of bare earth, however small, and turning it into a happier, more beautiful space is every bit as satisfying as creating a poem, a painting, or a piece of music. This magnificent book celebrates the garden in breathtaking full-color photographs and a wealth of factual material, from botanical, social, and horticultural history to detailed instruction on garden planning and cultivation. Covering a full range of topics, including design, ornaments, and contemporary examples worldwide, here is a rich, rewarding survey of the glory of the garden, from the biblical Eden and Nebuchadnezzar's Wonder of the World to today's atria and rooftop refuges.