Ornamental onion (Allium hybrida) 'Millenium'

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Allium nutans hybrid. This is one of the very best ornamental onions, blooming in mid-summer with large globes of rose-pink flowers. Mature plants have dozens of globes covering this perennial plant. Attractive, shiny, onion.scented deep-green grassy foliage is very ornamental. Perfect for flower beds, borders, rock garden, gravel garden, patio pots. Good cut flower. Attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Winterhardy perennial bulb
Height 30-60 cm
Width 25-60 cm
Spacing 25-40 cm
Flowering time July-August
Site sunny or partially shaded average to medium moisture, rich, well drained soil
Propagation bulblets, dividing the clump
Availability 2021 
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