Shaggy Rosinweed (Silphium mohrii)

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The large, lance-shaped green basal leaves, some 25-30 cm long, sporting fine textured, dense bristly hairs, decrease in size as they ascend strong, branched fuzzy stems. Adored by birds, bees and butterflies, plentiful slightly fragrant clusters gather daisy-like pale yellow flowers. Clumping S. mohrii makes a topnotch addition to perennial borders or naturalized plantings, where it craves a moderately dry rocky spot with low fertility and good drainage. 

Winterhardy perennial
Height 160 cm
Width 40-60 cm
Spacing 40-50 cm (3-5 pc/m2)
Flowering time VII-XI
Site full sun, average, dry poor well drained soils.
Propagation seeds