Prairie Dock (Silphium perfoliatum)

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Also called cup plant, is a coarse, sunflower-like, plant which typically grows on tough, erect square/quadrangular stems and have pairs of cup-forming leaves. Flower heads featuring light yellow rays and darker yellow center disks bloom in summer on the upper part of the plant. Rough, triangular to ovate, medium green leaves can reach 30 cm long. The leaf pairs are united at their bases, enveloping the stems. 

A large plant that needs lots of space. Some gardeners find cup plant to be too large and weedy for border rears, but others find it to be an effective backdrop for other perennials. Adapts well to prairies, wildflower/native plant gardens, naturalized areas or moist, open woodland areas including stream/pond edges. 

Winterhardy perennial
Height 200 cm
Width 30-90 cm
Spacing 40-60 cm (3-5 pc/m2)
Flowering time VII-IX
Site full sun, average, medium to wet rich soils. 
Propagation seeds