Stonecrop (Sedum) 'Karfunkelstein'

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Copious rose red buds and small dusky pink flower heads crest a close-knit sea of upright multibranched green stems infused with lavish beet red shades. Ideal for gardens where space is scarce, the short stalwart stalks never flop and are clad in toothed gray-green spoon-shaped leaves with slate purple overtones, heightening 'Karfunkelstein’s' prismatic presentation. Beloved by butterflies and bees.

Winterhardy perennial
Height 45-60 cm
Width 30-40 cm
Spacing 30-40 cm (3-5 pc/m2)
Flowering time VIII-IX
Site full sun to half shade, dry to average, well drained soil  
Propagation division
Availability 2021 
Container size C2
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