Japanese catmint (Nepeta subsessilis) 'Washfield'

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Container size  3 L
Availability 2023

Named for Elizabeth Strangman’s British nursery where it originated, ‘Washfield’ is regarded as the best subsessilis cultivar currently available. Adored by butterflies and bees, well-endowed, erect branching spikes house vibrant clusters of blue-violet tubular flowers, opening from small buds shrouded in dark calyxes. The bushy clump-forming base yields scented green foliage, which offsets gray-leafed plants to great effect and obliges heavier soil more so than most Catmints.

Winterhardy perennial
Height 60-70 cm
Width 40 cm
Spacing 40-50 cm (5-7 pc/m2)
Flowering time VI-IX
Site sunny to half-shade, medium moist rich soil.  
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