Beth Chatto

Beth Chatto "Woodland Garden"

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Autor: Beth Chatto
Pealkiri: Woodland Garden: shade-loving plants for year- round interest
Kirjastus: Cassell Illustrated
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Kujundaja, illustraator: Jaan Sonn
Väljaandmise aeg: 2005
Formaat:  19x24 cm, 224 lk., pehme köide
Seisukord: kasutatud, väga heas seisukorras

Legendary gardener Beth Chatto takes us on an intimate tour of her verdant English woodland garden, explaining how she transformed what was once a barren, derelict site into a lush maze of paths where attention-grabbing plants thrive all year long. Along the way, she offers a wealth of practical information and shows off more than 200 species designed by nature to flourish in dry shade. With an unrivalled knowledge of how to make things grow even in adverse conditions, plus an artist's eye for color, form, and shape, Chatto helps anyone meet the challenge of turning inhospitable spaces into truly magnificent gardens.