Prairie dropseed  (Sporobolus heterolepis) 'Blue Fog'

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Sünonüüm 'Blaunebel'
Kitsaste (sinakas)roheliste suvehaljaste lehtede ja pruunikate pöörisõitega püstja tiheda graatsilise puhmiku moodustav ilukõrreline aeda, peenrale, potti. Sügisvärv kollakaspruun.  
Prairie Dropseed grows in a clumping shape with bluish green narrow leaves that arch downward. In July, the plant sends up numerous stalks with delicate, open panicles shooting up over the clump. In fall, foliage turns a beautiful coppery orange color, which later fades to cream. Easy, beautiful, and hardy to a wide range of zones, its flowing look is a great choice for mixed plantings, meadow or prairie plantings, and contemporary landscapes.

Winterhardy warm season perennial
Height 60/100 cm
Width 70-90 cm
Spacing 80-90 cm /3-5 pc/m2
Flowering time VIII-X
Site sunny or partially shaded, warm, dry to medium moisture, well drained soil.
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Cutting back spring
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