Tall Purple Moor grass (Molinia arundinacea) 'Cordoba'

A boldly architectural grass thought to be one of famed plant breeder Ernest Pagel's last selections, 'Cordoba' stands nearly 2 m tall, a monolithic beacon of dramatic proportions. Noble green blades construct the substantial moderately upright leafy mound, releasing gently arching erect stems and sheer purple-hued seed heads. Its enticing shades of yellow herald autumn with sunshine- soaked leaves and butterscotch-colored waning inflorescences. This vigorous easily cultivated Molinia makes a statuesque stand-alone and steals the show when massed.

Winterhardy warm season perennial
Height 50/180 cm
Width 100-120 cm
Spacing 100 cm /1-2 pc/m2
Flowering time VIII-X
Site sunny, warm medium moisture rich soil.
Use accent, groups
Cutting back late spring
Propagation division
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