Purple Moor grass (Molinia caerulea) 'Variegata'

This is a short and delicate grass compared with many commonly used ornamental grasses. The coarse leaves are long, flat and taper to a point at the end. The foliage is striped lengthwise in green and creamy white, with considerable variation in the number and width of the stripes. In autumn the foliage turns to a burnished gold and dies back completely over the winter.  The panicles have several long narrow spikelets with a slight purple tinge (often overlooked) that fade to a rich golden yellow to brown color. They are especially nice when positioned so the bronze inflorescences are backlit by the late afternoon sun. 

Winterhardy warm season perennial
Height 20/50 cm
Width 30-50 cm
Spacing 30-50 cm /6-9 pc/m2
Flowering time VIII-X
Site sunny on medium moisture or in partially shaded in drier rich soil.
Use accent, groups
Cutting back late spring
Propagation division
Availability 2021
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