Maiden silvergrass   (Miscanthus sinensis) 'Gracillimus'

'Gracillimus' is noted for its narrow green leaves with a silver midrib which form a substantial, rounded, arching clump of foliage that turns yellowish after frost, but quickly fades to straw-beige by winter. Tiny reddish-copper flowers appear in tassel-like inflorescences above the foliage in late September, gradually turning into silvery white plumes as the seeds mature. Blooms later than most Miscanthus cultivars. Flower plumes persist well into winter providing good winter interest. 'Gracillimus' is an old and very popular cultivar.

Winter tender warm season perennial
Height 130/150 cm
Width 100-120 cm
Spacing 80-100 cm /1-3 pc/m2
Flowering time IX-X
Site sunny, warm, medium moisture, well drained rich soil.
Use accent, groups
Cutting back late spring
Propagation division
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