Little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium) 'Prairie Blues'

'Prairie Blues' is an outstanding choice for sustainable landscaping and environments with poor soil, low water, and full sun. In addition, it is valued for its improved, enduring, blue-gray coloring, fall color, and low-maintenance properties. Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Prairie Blues’ is stunning when planted in large sweeps and masses, or tucked among flowering native perennials and groundcovers. Like the species, this Schizachyrium scoparium cultivar produces downy white seeds in October providing contrast to its great fall color. It is a fresh plant for formal and informal landscapes. Leave it standing in winter and cut back in spring before new growth appears. 

Winterhardy cool season perennial
Height 60/100 cm
Width 50-60 cm
Spacing 70 cm / 1-3 pc/m2
Flowering time VIII-X
Site sunny to partially shaded, medium moisture rich or poor, well drained soil.
Use  groups
Propagation seeds, dividing the clump
Cutting back  spring
Availability 2021
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