Giant silvergrass (Miscanthus x giganteus) 'Meidl'

This is a grass of monstrous proportions, forming very tall clumps of green leaves, their tips arching gracefully in layers. Useful as a living screen or hedge,  bearing silver-red plumes in the fall The corn-like stalks turn creamy tan in winter. Clumps are large, but well behaved and not invasive. Lower leaves have a tendency to wither in late summer, so planting something tall in front is recommended. Excellent for cutting. As an interesting side note, this plant is becoming widely planted as a source of biomass or biofuel.

Winter tender warm season perennial
Height 250-350 cm
Width 100-150 cm
Spacing 200-300 cm /1-3 pc/m2
Flowering time -
Site sunny, warm medium moisture rich soil.
Use accent, groups
Cutting back late spring
Propagation division
Availability 2021
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