Deer-Tongue grass                  (Panicum clandestinum)

Deer tongue grass is a beautiful grass with an exotic bamboo-like appearance. Foliage turns yellow-brown in autumn.  The tiny flowers are produced on open, airy clusters called panicles.  Flowering occurs all summer, but the flowers produced earlier in the season are showier. Flowers produced early are silvery and are wind-pollinated. Flowers produced later in the season are often hidden from view and are self-pollinating.  This warm season, clumping grass tolerates dryness and infertile soils very well. It can be used for naturalizing in tough sites.  

Winterhardy warm season perennial
Height 60/180 cm
Width 50-60 cm
Spacing 40-60 cm / 3-5 pc/m2
Flowering time VIII-X
Site sunny or partially shaded, medium moisture well drained rich soil.
Use accent/ groups
Propagation seeds, dividing the clump
Cutting back  spring
Availability 2021
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