Blue Green Moor grass (Sesleria heufleriana)

This underused Sesleria is one of the best ground cover grasses for western gardens. Also native to Europe, Sesleria heufleriana is always tidy, never messy. This Sesleria has rich medium green foliage that is silvery on the top and dark green on the under sides. Leaves are  in the neat mounds. The flowers are somewhat showy and dark brown when they emerge but become nicely inconspicuous, tanned when mature. Sesleria heufleriana is useful as single specimens in small gardens and perennial borders or in groups and masses in larger gardens. It is a dependable large scale ground cover grass. 

Winterhardy cool season perennial
Height 25/30 cm
Width 25-30 cm
Spacing 40 cm /6 pc/m2
Flowering time IV-V
Site sunny to partially shaded, dry to medium moisture soil.
Use  groups
Propagation seeds, dividing the clump
Cutting back  spring
Availability 2021
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