Alkali sacaton (Sporobolus airoides) 'Delicatesse'

Sporobolus airoides is a petite warm season bunch grass.  Plants form attractive mounds of slender gray-green arching leaves. In late spring one or more culms rises above the foliage bearing airy panicles of pinkish spikelets. The florets mature into small globe shaped grains that quickly fall to the earth. This tough grass can survive seasonal flooding or prosper in harsh dry desert or prairie-like settings. Plants also thrive in sunny gardens with dry to average soils.

Winterhardy warm season perennial
Height 60/100 cm
Width 60-80 cm
Spacing 60-90 cm /6-9 pc/m2
Flowering time VIII-X
Site sunny, warm, dry to moist well drained soil. Tolerates drought and poor soil.
Use accent, groups
Cutting back late spring
Propagation division
Cutting back spring
Availability 2021 plants
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