Web-shop is open!

Our web-shop is open and you can browse the products and make your orders! 
We offer ornamental grasses, variety of ornamental Allium bulbs and tiny selection of perennials propagated from our own exhibit garden plants. In Autumn we offer also good selection of mostly ornamental onion bulbs for late season planting. The product selection will be supplemented during the season, so stay tuned! 
Orders will be delivered from May - June, depending of our spring weather. Since all the plants are open field grown and we do not have greenhouse available, we can start the plant handling not before it is warm enough in the garden. Some ornamental grasses show their vitality usually not before June, so Miscanthus, Panicum and other warm-season grasses will be started to handle and deliver later.
We deliver orders mainly in Estonia, but also in Finland and other EU countries. 
Fruit tree pruning and pest management in Tallinn and Harjumaa

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